Key Account Manager – Speciality OE

Asked to share advice for those looking to get into the automotive or motorsport industries, Phil said: “The popular saying I like is ‘The master has failed more times than the apprentice has even tried.’ Basically just don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We all do, it's how you improve and react to them, that defines you and your role.

A Master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Liverpool means that Phil Jackson’s career could have had a completely different path entirely. With 8 years at AP Racing now under his belt, the aerospace industry’s loss is certainly automotive and motorsport’s gain. But how did he end up in his current role? What has he enjoyed along the way? What advice does he have for the next generation?

Phil is quick to point out that despite doing an aerospace master's, he’s always been a great lover of the motorsport and automotive industry. After searching for the right graduate role, Phil began his career as a Graduate Project Engineer at a Coventry-based automotive pressing business - exposing him to major automotive manufacturing brands and OEMs right from the outset.

After six short months in the role, he was promoted to Project Manager, responsible for introducing more than 200 product variants through the business for leading customers. The experience gained over the next year and a half proved to be invaluable and gave him further confidence to push on with his career.

Then, in early 2016, came an exciting opportunity courtesy of the team at AP Racing. And, since joining the team in April 2016, as a Key Account Engineer/Manager looking after one of the key OE accounts, Phil has never looked back.

During the next seven years, Phil deeply embedded himself into the AP Racing family, taking on multiple new accounts, including some of the company’s key marquee clients. By the latter stages of that role, Phil was responsible for a large quantity of key accounts.

Phil Jackson
Key Account Manager – Speciality OE


Years at AP Racing

Fast forward to October 2022, Phil was again promoted – his new role? Manager of the Road Key Account team. Alongside managing several key accounts, he also manages the wider Account engineer/manager team.

The first in his family to go to University and to move out of his hometown, Phil didn’t want to restrict himself and always wanted to explore - an opportunity that his role at AP Racing allows when he travels and sees the world as he works.

When asked about his current position, Phil said: “I love the variation in work that AP Racing brings. I get to work with cutting-edge technology, leaders in respective fields and fast, quick, expensive cars. Every day is different here.”

“You get people who are extremely set on a specific vision. That’s not me, I’m not a corporate climber. I want to do a good job and continue to move forward, but I’m open-minded as to what that looks like. I also want to highlight and support those around me at the same time. The progression of the team is as important as my own progression as an individual.”

Naturally open-minded, Phil is always willing to take on new challenges. “I’m not at all set on a certain path,” he explains. “I’m very laid back about which direction I head next. That doesn’t mean I’m not driven, I absolutely am, it just means I’m comfortable whichever route I take and will try my best in every situation.”

“There a lot of opportunities for travel, to see the world and to make a difference at a company like AP Racing and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to establish a career,” concluded Phil.