Mental Health

Mental Health encompasses all types of health related to the way we think, feel and behave at work.

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Here at AP Racing we recognise that anyone and everyone can have mental health issues, just as much as physical health. 

Any employee can have good mental health or experience poor mental health at any time.  Just as much as individuals with a long term medical conditions such as diabetes, there is support available for all.

We know that seeking help is a difficult step for many people, and through our Mental Health First aiders we encourage active listening, as we believe that communication non judgementally will enable individuals to feel connected and supported. Mental Health First aiders will ensure that the appropriate time and place to listen is available, so they can understand how someone is feeling and let them know the support is on hand, whenever they might need it.

We understand that we all see things differently and it is best not to make assumptions when giving Mental Health First Aid, as we all have different life experiences which become our own frame of reference.

Mental Health First Aiders are there to talk, listen and offer support when our employees need it most.