Planning/Forecasting & Supply Manager

“If I think back to 19-year-old me, I don’t think I’d ever had pictured working in a management position in the automotive industry. I’m extremely proud of my career and the work I’ve undertaken to get to where I am.”

Having joined AP Racing in 2020, Krista now works as our planning, forecasting and supply manager – but what does that entail? And how did she reach that role?After leaving high school at the age of 18, Krista spent a year working in Latvia, but quickly decided there wasn’t a career path there for her. So, with youthfulness on her side, she decided to move to England to see what opportunities a new start would provide.

During her first year in the UK, Krista worked a number of jobs before ending up at one of the UK’s largest logistics firms. Starting on the shopfloor, the position came with many opportunities and the company’s contracts provided Krista with her first taste of the automotive industry and its demands.

Following a year in this position, Krista successfully applied for a role in material control, which later developed into material planner. These roles focused heavily on the supply chain, ensuring products were ordered, available and ready for the production line and provided an insight into the internal workings of the automotive industry.

In 2020 Krista began working with AP Racing, overseeing production sales - managing order book requests, fulfilling orders and meeting tight deadlines. Self-admittedly, the new role came with increased pressure, but pressure under which she thrives.

After one year in the role and a few personnel changes, Krista was offered a 12-month development opportunity to step up into planning and forecasting managers role, which required frequent communication with other departments and ensuring that the logistics department was delivering against company targets; overseeing planning, forecasting, and supply coordination.

Managing a team of 11, the department is responsible for getting product in on time depending on customer demand, ensuring these products are released and available for production to build before shipping.

Krista Leitane
Planning/Forecasting & Supply Manager


Years at AP Racing

When asked about her position, Krista said: “I really enjoy my role within the AP Racing team – it challenges me, but also offers me any opportunities to learn and progress. Like with any job, you have stressful days, but as long as you’re organised and manage your time efficiently, they don’t come too frequently – although, the motorsport industry does like to test us sometimes!“

My career also proves that you don’t necessarily need an engineering background or education work in automotive or motorsport – my career is made on experience, working my way through businesses from bottom to top. All it takes is one person to give you an opportunity, but it is your drive and passion that will see you progress.”